What To Do If The Pimples And Scars Are Not Removed From The Face?

Hello friends, today we are going to tell about how to remove a Face Pimples. A small pimple was very dangerous it works to spoil the beauty of the face. The boy or the girl both get pissed by seeing the pimples on their face. To get rid of it, he uses a variety of chemical creams. But there is no benefit from that too. By adopting some home remedies in this way, you can remove the Pimples in the 1st night. Today we will tell you the reasons for being a Pimples and the home remedies to prevent it.

Causes of Pimples


Hormone disturbances-

Starting or closing the puberty, menstrual cycle, hormone changes during pregnancy or taking birth control pills also results in getting the pimples out on the face. Due to the pump, the face becomes deep and becomes bigger. That sounds dirty to see.


Genetic reason-

The genetic problem means If your mother, father had acne problem then you may also have pimples problem.


Filthy skin-

Pimples also cause acne due to dirt. Pimples can also be done by not taking care of the face properly or by putting dirty pillows on the face.


Taking more stress-

Due to excessive stress, pimples get started on the face too. If pimples are already on your face, do not think much about it.


Oily skin-

Those who have skin oily Pimples also come out repeatedly on their face. When the oil is gathered at one place on the face, then the dirt gets accumulated at that place. Pimples are getting due to the dirt.

How to remove such pimples and stain spots


Papaya is very handy to remove pimples and their scars. Take fresh papaya and mash it. Now put this pack on face for 15-20 minutes. After this, wash the face with cold water.


Peppermint paste-

Peppermint works to cool the body. Grind the finely grind to make a muffin mask. Then put it on the face at night. Wash it with plain water when it is dry. Applying peppermint paste it twice a week will not cause any pimples and any other scars on the face.


Baking soda-

People who have skin-sensitive should not put baking soda. People with normal skin make a paste by adding 1 spoon baking soda and rose water. After washing the face wash after 15 minutes. By doing this for a few days, the pimples will be removed.



Leave the white toothpaste on top of pimples for about 1 hour. Keep in mind that toothpaste does not get gelated. Do this at night. This will disappear by the pimples and its swelling.



Tomatoes contain antioxidants called lycopene, which protects the skin. It removes blackheads and blackness from the face. Put fresh tomato juice like a mask on face and wash after 1 hour.


Tea Tree Oil-

Use T-Tree Oil to keep the effects and bacteria away from the skin. This tree oil is strong, it can not be directly applied on the face. You put 1-2 drops of T-oil in the aloe vera gel and honey and put it on the acne.



Grind two buds of garlic with a clove. Put this paste on the face for some time. Applying it continuously will ease the problem of Pimples in a few days.



Honey is very effective to remove acne. After putting honey on the face for 30 minutes, wash it with water. By doing this continuously, the face will be cleared in a few days.

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