Skin Care Tips Use Of Red Lentil

Skin Care Tips Use Of Red Lentil

(Home Remedies For Glowing Skin) are a wealth of properties. Which are used not only in making Tasty food but also in bringing brightness in the skin? If you want to get glowing skin in your face at a low price, then you just have to move to your kitchen. In India, the tradition of following Ayurveda and Home Remedies For Skin Care has been respected for generations. Gram Flour and Fuller’s earth are used for the care of the skin, while there are many other things that can even show their amazingness on the face. Lentil pulses are not only useful for eating but it is also beneficial for your skin. There are many types of mineral, vitamin, and antioxidant skin present in it. According to its skin type in its powder, the face can be seen on the face by mixing natural ingredients.

Top 5 Tips To Glow Your Skin By The Help Of Red Lentil

Dr. Deepali Bharadwaj, Delhi's skin specialist, says, Red Lentil acts like a bleaching agent. Using it, you can see the changes in your skin. It works as an exfoliator and helps reduce scars, stains, and pigmentation.
Superna Trikha, Delhi's beauty expert, says that it is known for exfoliating, clean and fresh skin. The water used to soak the pulse can be used in the face pack and mask because it contains the essential minerals for the skin.

How To Use

If you want to enhance the face, then use lentils paste in lentils paste, mix ingredients such as gram flour, fuller’s earth.


1. Suparna Trichy says, adding the paste of milk and egg whites in red lentils and make a paste. Now put it on the face and let it dry. This pack helps in bringing cracking in the face.

2. Red lentils can be used to make anti-aging packs, in which powder of dried condensed milk is mixed with powder. For example, you can add nut powder or gram flour in it. It is beneficial to remove skin tanning.

3. Red Lentil powder can also be used by added milk and mix each other. Put this paste on the cheek with light hands. It helps to remove dead skin, pollution, extra oil from the cheek. The milk and red lentil paste in it moisturizes the face. Use it 1 time a week for uniform skin

4. Those who have skin dry should be put on the face by mixing honey in lentil powder. After some time it dries on the face, then remove it. If your skin is normal then mix curd and white vinegar in the lentils powder of lentils and put it on the face. Wash the chef when it gets dry. Instead of white vinegar, you can also use lemon juice.

5. Red lentil powder mix with almond oil, glycerine and rose water in lentil powder works like this anti-acne face pack.

Keep these things in mind

• Red lentil is extremely beneficial in removing blackheads and whiteheads. But using it more than once a week, it can also stop the essential oil for the face.

• Red lentil helps in bringing cracking in the face. But it also has skin dried, so moisturizing of the face is extremely important after applying it.

• Those who have skin sensitivity and more offerings should avoid this.

• If your face has acne, pimples, rhesus or allergies, then do not adopt it on the face.

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