How to Stay Fit (Fitness Tips/Guide)

How to Stay Fit (Fitness Tips/Guide)

How to Stay Fit (Fitness Tips/Guide)

The definition of fitness does not a vary for men and women, but physical fitness helps to keep both body and brain health, here are some of the fitness tips for men.

Regular exercise not only brings strength to the muscles but also develops immunity of the body, and slows down aging and protects against many other diseases. So men should keep these things in mind to stay fit.

How to Stay Fit (Fitness Tips/Guide)

How to Stay Fit or fitness tips for men

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Workout or Exercise (How to Stay Fit)

In the walk, we usually walk 40-50 steps in 1 minute, about 80 steps in the brisk walk and about 160 steps in jogging. Do 30-45 minutes of cardio exercise (brisk walk, aerobics, swimming, cycling, jogging, etc.) 5 days a week. Do 5 minutes of warm-up and before starting the exercise and 5 minutes of cool down after finishing.

Learn to breathe

Do yoga for half an hour daily. and Include asana, meditation, and deep breathing. Taking 10-15 minutes of deep breaths in the morning so increases the capacity of the lungs by 70%.

Do meditate for 10-10 minutes in the morning and evening. This increases the amount of oxygen in the body and also controls Blood Pressure.

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Eat healthy food (How to Stay Fit)

Eat a little 5-6 times a day. To keep the heart and liver fit, and eat such things which are rich in fiber, such as wheat, millet, oats, etc. Cholesterol is reduced by the fiber of oatmeal, sprouts, oats, and pulses.

Eat green vegetables, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, etc. These contain folic acid, but which helps maintain cholesterol levels.

Flaxseed, almonds, beans, fish and mustard oil contain a lot of omega-three, which is good for the heart.

Eat 1-2 walnuts and 8-10 almonds daily.

Stay alert in fever

The safest drug in any fever is Paracetamol. It is found in the brand name Crocin, Calpol, etc. It is considered safe in any fever. Do not take aspirin at all in dengue. Taking it in dengue is a risk of bleeding.

It is better to take a rectal temperature to measure fever, especially in children. If you take the temperature by mouth, add 1-degree centigrade to it and assume the correct temperature. 98.3 degree Till is the normal temperature. Fever up to 100 degrees usually do not require any medication. If you have a fever up to 102 degrees and there are no dangerous symptoms, then you can take care of the patient at home.

Allergy: Rescue Necessary (How to Stay Fit)

Prevention is the cure for allergies and allergy victims should put a napkin on the nose before leaving the house. The sheets, pillow covers, and curtains should also be changed from time to time. Do not use carpet or keep it dry for at least 6 months.

Do not keep pets at home and do not keep flowering plants indoors during the rainy season. If possible, get air purifiers installed at home. By the way, to strengthen the children's immune system, let them play in dust, mud, sun, and rain. They help children fight diseases.

How to Stay Fit (Fitness Tips/Guide)

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Don't be relaxed

Due to the modern and relaxed lifestyle, men start to suffer from the dangers of a heart attack only after 20 years. Those who live a restful life, steal from exercising and live on junk and canned foods have always high levels of poor cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein in the blood. HDL levels can be raised by doing regular exercises to reduce the level of LDL in your body.

Keep blood pressure normal (How to Stay Fit)

High blood pressure disease has become a common phenomenon in men due to the frustration and stress arising due to stiff competition in life. Regular exercise helps in keeping blood pressure levels normal and thus reduces the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases.

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Increase blood circulation

When you exercise, the blood circulation of the body becomes faster and the blood supply in the body also starts increasing. The blood artery spreads and shrinks in the body as per the need of blood. However, when the adult begins to live a life of rest, he does not do any labor or exercise, then cholesterol accumulates in his blood artery, which causes the blood artery to shrink, which is ultimately leads to cardiac arrest.

Reduce the risk of diseases (How to Stay Fit)

Currently, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, heart diseases, stomach problems are increasing due to unhealthy lifestyle and irregularities in the diet. Try to prevent these diseases. Exercise daily for this and get regular checkups.

Lose weight

Weight gain causes many diseases, so keep your weight under control. Losing weight does not cause heart diseases. Therefore, to overcome this, exercise daily and eat a healthy diet.

Men can not only stay fit by keeping these simple things in mind but can also avoid diseases.


Follow 5 Good Habits to Stay Fit (How to Stay Fit)

How to Stay Fit or fitness tips for men


1) Wake up early in the morning and sleep early at night, So 8 to 9 hours of sleep is necessary.

2) Food should be eaten on time and 2-3 times should be eaten. Eating more in one go makes the stomach fat.

3) Join a gym. One needs to exercise to stay fit. Exercising like cycling is very beneficial.

4) Eat calcium-rich things in food. It is important to take special care of people. Our bones and joints weaken with age. Therefore, to strengthen them, it is necessary to eat calcium.

5) Stay away from smoking and drinking. Smoking and drinking have a very bad effect on the body. That's why we should stay away from these things. Otherwise, it will harm your body.


So friends, if our body is fit then our mind will be fit and if our mind is fit then we will get success in work and if we get success in work then our life will be happy, then come make our life happy. Hope you like the article on Fitness Tips and Healthy Habits.

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