Best Food For Heart Blockage

Best Food For Heart Blockage

Diet Chart For Heart Patient

The World Health Organization has informed that if heart diseases are not taken seriously, and then by the year 2020, there will be more than 10 million (100 million) heart patients in the country. At present, the situation is that in the urban population, 6-8% above the age of 30, 3-5% in the rural areas are facing heart disease. Patients are always disturbing about what kind of food they should eat. But the first is to be avoided on oil and ghee. Since the body is always needed for fat, it can’t be completely removed from the food. But there can always be positive make and become different in diet and way of living. Cholesterol and blood pressure levels are controlled only by foodstuffs. By deciding the number of calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, etc.Heart diseases can be reduced. and angina patients can make their diet chart this way. best food for heart blockage Read Full Blog-

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Healthy Meal Plans On a Budget- (Best Food For Heart Blockage)

These diet plans are followed if you are undergoing from heart disease.

At 7 o'clock in the morning - take a glass and two spoonfuls of sugar without cream, and also add 3-4 almonds.

At 9 o'clock in the morning - sprouted grains one plate and fresh vegetable uptake.

At 12 noon - including two chapati bran, one bowl of peeled lentils, half a bowl of rice, a bowl of green vegetable, a bowl of curd, and salad.

best food for heart blockage

3 or 4 o'clock - one cup tea, one plate bhelpuri and two biscuits, and fruit (Apple, orange, raw jam, pomegranate, palm, etc.)

7 or 8 o'clock- Take the same food as you like at lunchtime in the day.

9 o'clock – take fruit and one or half a glass of milk.

Note: Two-three spoons of ghee and four to five spoons of oil should be used in the meal throughout the day. The cardiologist should minimize the use of salt, pepper, and fried food, or at least, if possible. Green leafy vegetables and fruits should be consumed in large quantities. Smoking, alcohol, and any other substance should be stop and discontinued. Ghee, butter, etc. should be minimized. Amla or garlic should be consumed daily. The apple marmalade should be consumed especially by heart patients. physical exercise and morning walk should be included in your daily followed. For heart disease patients have consumed milk, barley, almonds, tomatoes, cherries, fish, beta glucose are very effective. best food for heart blockage Such a diet helps reduce cholesterol and this type of meal or catering is crucial for the health of heart disease patients of more than 40 years. and besides, regular exercise is also important.

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